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4 tips to make your Napa Valley wedding planning less stressful:

- If you are having a large wedding, we recommend having the bar open for wine and beer only before the vows as this reduces the pressure on the bar after the ceremony and will help you reduce costs as you won't need extra staff - If you would like to have speeches, we think the dinner hour is always a great time to do this. Guests will be seated and can give speakers their full attention. This also keeps guests entertained and leaves more time to party afterward - The wedding day goes by so fast. Schedule moments to do nothing but enjoy it. Leave the work in the hands of those you have hired. - Host a "Welcome Dinner" for everyone. All your friends are in town and they want to see you. Don’t try to squeeze everything into the wedding day. Host a fun, casual dinner the night before. Consider renting a local park. This might be a perfect event for our food truck.

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